About us

Creating smart, innovative solutions to help companies make better decisions. With this mission, Pointlogic started in 1992. In the field of media, marketing and Human Resources. And that is still our motivation: translating strategic options into predictable HR effects. It is our passion to work with the numerical side of HR to provide insight into the long-term effect of decisions that organizations have to take now. We do this with our innovative software suite f3.

That is in our DNA: to continue puzzling and calculating until we have mapped out all the options.

Pointlogic has already given countless medium-sized and large organizations insight into their changing wage costs and personnel composition. Altogether, this concerns almost 25% of the workforce! We have thought along with our clients and advised them on smart, concrete but above all substantiated HR solutions. Because that is in our DNA: continue where others stop. Puzzling through and calculating until we have mapped all options. Until you as an organization have optimal insight and overview.

The cases in which companies engage us and our solutions include collective bargaining, harmonization, flexible employment conditions and strategic personnel planning. We are particularly proud to be able to work for and with our partners for many leading organizations. And just as proud to start working for your company. Feel free to contact us.